A complete service/完整的服務

One single invoice/單一票據 One single invoice/單一票據

Jean-François Bouchard takes care of all the legal aspects for exports and allows for one unique invoice to be generated, even if you want to buy Burgundy wines from different winegrowers. 讓弗朗索瓦處理所有的法律和出口事宜,並只產生單一的票據,幾十您想從不同的生產者那裡購買紅酒

One unique picking-up point/單一的取貨點 One unique picking-up point/單一的取貨點

After placing an order, there is a single logistical point of collection, which allows to cut down the supply chain costs, without worrying about the time and costs of consolidation. 在下訂單之後,只有一個取貨點,這省去了供應鏈開銷,也不用擔心時間和合併成本

One personal point of contact/一對一聯繫 One personal point of contact/一對一聯繫

Jean-François Bouchard is your preferred contact. Thanks to his network, he will negotiate the best prices from winemakers, which is both time and cost saving. 讓弗朗索瓦是您的最佳聯繫人,他直接與生產者確定最合理的價格,幾月時間與成本


International wine tasting/國際品酒會

Prowein 2019

Will take place in Düsseldorf on March 17-18-19 For this well known international trade exhibition, Jean-François Bouchard has chosen a high quality selection of fine estate-bottled Burgundy wines from Chablis, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise , Mâconnais. Prices are ranging from 6€ up to 40€. Come and taste on Stand Hall 11/ A […]

Wine Tour Norway-Sweden 2016

Jean-François BOUCHARD showed an extensive range of fine estate-bottled Burgundy wines on February 9. 2016 in Oslo at the Posthallen on February 11. 2016 in Stockholm at the Grand Hotel

Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2018, Hong Kong

Jean-François Bouchard showed to professional importers an exciting range of wines on his stand Level 3 – TU22-8. Twenty wines showed the diversity of Burgundy wines. Vinexpo took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 29-30-31.

Jean-François Bouchard’s family has made wine since the early 18th century in Burgundy. He himself has been a selector and exporter of Burgundy and Beaujolais fine estate-bottled wines since 1997, based in Beaune, France. Jean-François started to sell wine in 1979 for Bouchard Père et Fils company, before he started his own export enterprise. Thereafter, JFB Wines chooses, selects and exports a portfolio of Domaines wines around the world. The word for his work is excellency, as his wine selection is a guarantee of the wine quality that importers are looking for. Jean-François is also proud to be able to organize wine tastings at the estates in Burgundy or around the world.


Contact / 聯繫



Dominique Mugneret, winegrower in Vosne-Romanée

“ I have worked with Jean-François Bouchard more than 10 years. I really appreciate to work with him as he is very rigorous about the quality of the wines that I show him. He chooses his wines in a very professional way.”


Dominique Mugneret, winegrower in Vosne-Romanée
Gérard Seguin, winegrower in Gevrey-Chambertin

« Jean-François Bouchard is a great and reliable connoisseur of Burgundy wines, he always enjoys tasting the quality of our full range of wines.”


Gérard Seguin, winegrower in Gevrey-Chambertin
Vincent Latour, winegrower in Meursault

“Jean-François Bouchard is always looking for my best bottles, and I am proud that he allows me to make my wines known all around the world.”


Vincent Latour, winegrower in Meursault